Gtx 1080 ti strix bios

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Gtx 1080 ti strix bios

Log in or Sign up. Would have posted it in the thread but i doubt many will be interested in flashing to a custom bios, so i made another thread to keep things more "snuggly" on the subject. Here The bios is not mine, i just took the link from hwbot forum. Use the latest NVFlash currently it's 5. But beware as the card will always work at that voltage ,my temps in idle sit at ish degrees with fans at max. And as you guessed temps will go up drastically when in load so make sure you have an aggressive fan curve or maxed speed.

Mine peaked at 80 degrees for now. And the clock at 2. It's not that high but i don't plan on going any higher until i get better cooling. I'm positive i can go higher. What i did notice is that the boost sits at higher frequencies than before, it's more heat tolerant. If you have a reference card add more caution to the already risky procedure,i personally wouldn't recommend it as i didn't see anyone test it yet.

I know Dstealth uses it too on his Palit Jetstream. If you decide on trying it out feel free to share your results here. I'm especially curious on what a watercooled card can do. CorbusAug 22, Ain't no way in hell I'm doing this. But it is interesting. Thanks for posting. Better wait for a Bios Editor and know what are you flashing your card with. Han2KAug 22, I really would like to see a Pascal BIOS editor, unfortunately it looks like it's not gonna happen any time soon.

From what I've heard you won't be able to flash the edited BIOS to your card due to certificate check. Breaking the certificate might be quite complicated. Thing is as I get closer to that threshold the clock backs down to then usually stays at Its stable, I'm afraid of pushing it more and losing the stable speed I get now.

I'm playing games in 8k 45 to 60 fps! DburgoAug 31, Yah not going to risk flashing some likely hex-edited BIOS onto my cards. I'd love to raise my power limits a bit as my cards bump up against the power limit pretty frequently. ShadowdaneSep 1, Last edited: Sep 1, CorbusSep 1, If you can flash the BIOS, it means it's already signed.

Editor would have to sign every BIOS it creates. FenderSep 1, I hope someone can come out with a BIOS editor sometime. MrBonkSep 2, Log in or Sign up. Max tdp went from tousing custom powerlimit. As I originally thought, sparsegrid, at higher settings such as 32xS, absolutely brutalizes the card, it throttles down even at stock settings and even below it.

Sparsegrid at higher settings is absolutely nothing to be played around with, at times, it will shut down your system hard, lol, did it with my ti, took sometime to workaround the gpu speeds,etc.

gtx 1080 ti strix bios

Far as normal in benchmark settings, far as unigine is concerned, it stays roughlystarts off with then some time in the bench, very little throttling down, went down as but went back to rather quickly. Even without the mod, my max overclock is in the low 2k range, but thats ok, I rather use higher tdp because of the settings I am using to increase stability and prevent gpu from throttling down, so far its holding good.

My score within unigine heaven 4k max, is roughly almost the same as my 2 ti hybrid Overclocked. I also checked how much memory speed would effect at this incredible settings within lost planet, about mhz increase in memory speed yields like an fps or more, so 2k less roughly my ti memory speedsis probably or lil more fps difference, but thats just within lost planet and the enhance settings within nvidia inspector.

Other programs, I have to do a complete restart all the time, so this saves much time, especially fine tuning the card. I'll be posting up benchmark videos later I couldn't believe the temps, very very good, for an aio, excellent, doing a push and pull configuration on the rad Factory fan-Pullthe one hitting the rad is an 0.

Last edited: Jul 2, Ok, more great news here. I did some extra fan modifications in my case,etc. I haven't tried long term but I did several runs straight with unigine valley 1. You had FE cards in the beginning, correct?

Ultimate GeForce

Ok, I went back to firestrike ultra for sometime, There has been alot of Throttling down, mainly the gpu speed.

If I lower the voltage slider as much as I can, and lower the memory frequency a bit Below factory specsit doesn't throttle as much. Scene 1, throttles the worst, 2nd: not to bad, 3rd one: so so. I reviewed my score by doing this method, it is quite a bit lower. If I keep what I was normally using, there is tons of throttling downs but I my final score is much higher, I need more further testing on this, crazy to fine tune, especially for one program.

Also, going to max tdp on the bios mod,in scene 2, made a lil worse, If I put it like w, it helps quite a bit, more what it seems, makes it worse in certain sections of the benchmark.

I tried several different bits within nvidia inspector for sli, still same thing, still throttles down, most particularly in scene 1. Whats interesting is this: Unigine valley 4k, barely does it throttle down, even when the memory is clocked up way high and yet firestrike ultra, throttles BIG TIME but firestrike destroys both of my ti's, lol, yet, unigine 4k max, smooth as butta. Last edited: Jul 6, BuildeR2Jul 6, MuffloreJul 6, The power limit did indeed increase although I am not sure exactly how much wattage wise.

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Clock for clock it performs the same as the stock BIOS. Nothing blew up or started acting wonky! When pushing the limits of the card it benchmarks a little better because it isn't power limit throttling.

I'm very happy with it now. I maxed the core voltage, power and temp sliders. The card's on water in a custom loop so it stays cool and pretty much just locks in at Mhz.

The only time I have hit the power limit so far is a few quick bumps and downclocks to while in the demo portion of Firestrike. Also the card seems to take it like a champ. The power cables are cool, the backplate is no warmer than normal and the GPU temps stay in the mid 30s. But as said, that's in a relatively big custom loop with a full cover EK block.

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Cheers for confirming that, I'll give it a shot later.Auto mode: Chassis fan speeds reference GPU temperatures and operate based on the default factory setting. Additionally, a smart, automatic calibration routine senses the controllable range of connected fans and allows you to fine-tune speeds for efficient cooling and low noise. Modal header. Resolution: xSetting: Extreme. Resolution: xSetting: Ultra. New ROG Strix graphics are constructed with a 2. MaxContact Technology. MaxContact utilizes precision machining to provide a surface that makes up to 2X more contact with the GPU than traditional heat spreaders, resulting in improved thermal transfer.

Patented Wing-Blade Design. This stringent certification process ensures ROG Strix graphics cards provide optimal fan performance, even under severe conditions. Hybrid-controlled Fan Headers. The connected fans reference both the GPU and CPU, operating automatically based on the one with the higher temperature. A comprehensive set of tuning options allow you to tune fan speeds for efficient cooling. Manual mode: Allows you to set a fixed speed for connected fans.

Fan Profile Switch. Auto-Extreme Technology. Auto-Extreme Technology ensures consistent graphics card quality as well as improved performance and longevity.

gtx 1080 ti strix bios

Smooth circuit board without sharp bumps. ASUS engineers have integrated premium alloy components into their graphics card designs to reinforce overall reliability. Outshine The Competition. Featuring Aura RGB Lighting on both the shroud and backplate, ROG Strix graphics cards are capable of displaying millions of colors and six different effects for a personalized gaming system.

ROG Strix graphics cards have two HDMI ports for connecting a VR device and display at the same time, so you can enjoy immersive virtual reality experiences anytime without having to swap cables. Enjoy the Flawless and Complete Gameplay. With ROG Strix gaming graphics cards and ROG Swift gaming monitors, scenes appear instantly, objects look sharper, and gameplay is super smooth, giving you a stunning visual experience and a serious competitive edge.

Learn more about ASUS gaming monitors at here. Gaming Performance, Brilliantly Boosted. Support for multiple 2-way configurations — both 3-slot and 4-slot — provide maximum flexibility. Learn more at here. Redesigned with an intuitive, all-new UI, GPU Tweak II makes overclocking easier and more visual than ever, while still retaining advanced options for seasoned overclockers. With one click, the new Gaming Booster function maximizes system performance by removing redundant processes and allocating all available resources automatically.

Gaming Booster. Visual effects:. System Services:. Memory Defragmentation:.To date, a massively impressive graphics card that will resemble what we review today and very similar on a lot of levels. The Pascal based unit is a bit of a beast alright, the GPU die size is sq mm.

GTX 1080 Unlocked Bios! / Voltage/fan limit increased/ NEW! possible voltage tool?!

ASUS once again is back in the house to offer you the a very silent product with the usual looks to go with it of course. The new cooling block has a mirror finish and now simply has a somewhat more regular baseplate with the heatpipes leading through them.

Back to the roots with a traditional design one might call it even. ASUS still applies three fans for the cooler fin surface area, the new spinners have IP5X certification, making them more dust resistant. Under 55 degrees C the card will remain passive and the fans thus do not spin.

So looking at it from every point of view, ASUS has been focussing on cooling and low noise levels. They have been working hard on the product to do things right, you will notice a lot of customization for this board. A completely automated production line will make incredibly clean looking PCBs. GeForce Windows: Line-Based vs. Message Signaled-Based Interrupts. MSI tool. Up-on pre-benchmark inspection we noticed that the review sample was clocked higher:.

This OC setting normally you can only access and enable with ASUS GPU Tweak software you'd need to run that software in the background as each time you restart this software modus needs to re-enable the clocks. With that sorted, let's head onwards into the review. Thanks to the cooler design, the DVI is still there, something the reference FE cards or cards with blower style coolers do not have, DVI is in demand by many.


If you combine the specs you will get a bit dizzy I guess, but considering we'll be looking at the product from a gaming point of view, I can say this card will run awesome in the Ultra HD domain with titles like GTA-V, Resident Evil 7, Battlefield 1, The Division and many other hip 'n trendy game titles.

At the backside you'll spot a nice matte black solid backplate with ventilation meshes. Let's get this review started, but not before you have had a chance to actually look at the card, of course.

It's fat, it's extreme and it will make a grown man giggle. Check ' It's a keyboJoin us now! Forgot Your Password? Forgot your Username? Haven't received registration validation E-mail?

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Essentials Only Full Version. New Member. I have noticed that my card is using a different bios than what some other forums have listed, seems like there is a bios update for my card. Is there any confirmation on this. Current bios I am going to watercool the card if that matters.

Just wondering if this will help performance as I would like to squeaze any extre juice this card has out of it. Here's a link to any kind of bios update available from EVGA. It covers the Ti's.

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Omnipotent Enthusiast. Mkeel I have noticed that my card is using a different bios than what some other forums have listed, seems like there is a bios update for my card. There are not official BIOS updates for his model is the answer. Their official EVGA archived bios releases.

I'm providing bios revision history in a nut shell. In no way have I recommended or picked a poison for a user to flash their card under any bios version. Be definition it sounds like he will convert a stock Ti FT3 card to liquid cooling. Nothing else is noted with the user's card. If it's a hydro copper then they should make it more clear on what their requesting.

Again, there is nothing official about a third party site hosting BIOS files. He then ponders updating to water cooling. That does not change the original question nor the answer.

The member can call EVGA support and confirm it directly. Again, user can call to confirm if it's an official EVGA bios release prior to doing anything. It can still be officially uploaded from users just the same if it was an EVGA tech head on his day off uploading said bios version.

They said each file that is uploaded in their database is confirmed and verified. The information being posted on their site is legit. Since their a huge successful site that has sponsors and AD revenue.Join us now!

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gtx 1080 ti strix bios

Forgot your Username? Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. View More. Recent Blog Posts. Recent Photos. View More Photo Galleries. Unread PMs. Essentials Only Full Version. Superclocked Member. Remember try at your own risk, this is a GTX Strix bios. Increase voltage from 1. Damn, that's a heavy OC! Especially on air. I wonder how far it could go with a custom loop Did you get it completely stable at that speed?

If there's an alternative link please share, I'd like to give this a try. SSC Member. I'm getting one step below that level of performance at 1. That seems like a helluva lot of volts to force into this thing for a measly 12 MHz more performance.

And is that 70 C under air or water cooling? It would have to be under water, and if so, that's really, really hot for a watercooled I can see this being kind of fun to play with for people, especially for people who intend to do LN2 or sub-ambient via phase change or TECs or whatever, but it certainly isn't very practical for normal use.

Link seems okay for me? I just downloaded it again. Still testing. It's running on air.

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Omnipotent Enthusiast. This was posted on Guru3D awhile ago. Under any kind of load? I would predict that your load can't be all that high if you're only at 70 C.

gtx 1080 ti strix bios

If I'm wrong though then congrats! I read this on a 4K monitor, and without the ability to zoom in at all these things people post inevitably look tiny and hard to read on my end. Just be aware that loading an unapproved bios is grounds for a warranty to be denied. Brick in your card with an unapproved bios may warrant you the world most expensive paperweight. Use with caution.The GTX Ti is the most powerful gaming Pascal-based graphics card on the market and is a perfect combination with a high-resolution monitor, multi-monitor setups, or VR headset.

Available in a number of configurations, you can get a Ti for every specific need, from power-hungry overclockers, to those of us who want a low-noise option without sacrificing quality. If your performance simply can not be compromised, whether you need features, curb appeal, or just the raw power, this is without a doubt the video card for you.

1080ti bios mod, VERY GOOD!

In this guide we will overview the top aftermarket GTX Ti cards on the market in — similar to our RTX Ti recommended aftermarket cards guide. There are a lot of options with the GTX Ti. There are small form factor cards, nearly silent cards, and monster dual BIOS cards for overclocking junkies.

ASUS brings us the very best all around option. It is capable of handling up to x resolution, and is even used by a number of esports players in the competition. Overclocking is currently a very competitive and exciting endeavour for a lot of gamers, hardware enthusiasts, and even developers. With a factory boosted clock speed of MHz, it comes as no surprise that ASUS has a number of tricks up their sleeve for squeezing as much power out of this GPU as possible. The fans mounted on this card are the patented wing-blade 0dB models, with FanConnect II, which maximized cooling using a trio of axial fans.

With all of the attention to cooling and GPU performance, the Aura RGB lighting is a nice addition, giving this card a stellar look while it reaches maximum overclocking speeds. This card boasts a number of impressive specs, including a MHz base, MHz boosted clock speed, the standard 11Gb of bit GDDR5X memory, and a sleek black and grey color scheme. The stand out feature of this card, however, is the self-contained watercooling system it is equipped with.

The cooling system includes a mm radiator with cooling fan pre-configured. You will need a spare fan bay for the exhaust, but with the water cooling system, and the whopping nine thermal sensors embedded on the card, it can achieve temperatures up to 30 degrees cooler under load.

This means that the cooling fan barely, if at all, needs to spin up, leaving you with near-silence even while gaming hard. EVGA includes an intelligent wiring system and sleeved tubing with the cooling system, giving it a sleek look, as well as their standard 3-year warranty. This next category does not discuss one specific card model above the rest, but rather looks to the manufacturers themselves, to find out who has the best customer support. When you are spending up to nine hundred dollars, or more, for a top-end graphic card, the last thing you need is to find yourself with a defective GPU, and a manufacturer who does not stand by their product.

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